How do we get to our results

The research is based on two survey experiments. The experiments will be done by including short vignettes in the survey, which will be presented to respondents according to the randomized group they will be assigned to. In total there will be seven groups which will serve as treatment and control group according to the following sub-experiments:

Survey Experiment 1

Survey Experiment 1 (SE1) aims at disentangling the effect of different redistributive policies on support for the EU. SE1 is conducted in Spain and Italy and is based on three treatments (EUBS, ESBS, NextGenEU) and a control group (no information) in each country. The vignettes will inform respondents about EU Commission’ policy agenda on EUBS, ESBS, NextGenEU and will provide a short description of each policy.

Survey Experiment 2

Survey Experiment 2 (SE2) tests the causal relationship between ESBS framing and trust in the EU. SE2 is conducted only in Spain. We will use the ESBS treatment group from SE1 (Spain) and add three additional treatments that will be applied only to Spanish citizens. The three treatments are based on three vignettes that refer to EU ability, benevolence and integrity respectively in establishing an ESBS.